Our Family Has Grown

Our Family Has Grown Through Adoption Our lives have changed drastically in the last two weeks! On July 21, thirty minutes after arriving home from vacation, we received a phone call from our case worker. A 2.5 year old little boy would be arriving at our home in four hours. We were shocked! We hustled to unpack our bags, made a mad dash to Target for some essentials, and welcomed this little guy into our family just after dinner time. We knew the adoption could happen fast, but never expected it to be *this* fast! It was very surreal, but God gave us an abundant amount of grace to move quickly and prepare for J’s arrival (online, we will call him this for privacy/safety reasons).

We have been settling in well to the “new normal” and really loving this new stage of life. After a three year wait (three years tomorrow, to be exact), we were ready for it! It has not been without challenges of course, as every adoption comes from loss and this precious little boy has experienced things that no child ever should. We are trusting Jesus to heal and mend his heart, and redeem the situation he has come from. We likely have a very long road ahead of us regarding the legal side of things, and a timeframe for adoption is unknown at this point. We hope and pray that God would allow J to stay with us permanently, but there’s no way of knowing the outcome at this point. For now, we’re taking it one day at a time and trusting God’s purpose will stand.

J keeps us laughing much of the day with his extensive vocabulary (can you say parrot?), loves eating his eggs with ketchup, giving hugs and kisses, playing in all types of water, and throwing balls in the backyard (and, who am I kidding, inside the house too – “throw it underhand, buddy” is one of our favorite phrases). In just 13 days, our love for him has grown immensely as we get to know this hilarious little guy, and learn how to parent him towards the great redeemer and healer, Jesus. There is not a drop of our DNA in him, but that doesn’t matter one bit. He is part of our family now, and has all the benefits of being a Swiger, whether it’s legally recognized or not.

There is so much more to say, but I’ll stop for now. We are so grateful that the Lord has brought J into our lives. He is truly a good gift, a blessing, and we are eager to see what God has in store for his life. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for supporting us on this long journey. It has only just begun. God is good no matter what!

**Legally, and for J’s safety, we are not allowed to post pictures of his adorable little face. Bummer, I know. Lord willing, one day I’ll be plastering them all over the internet for you to see too.**

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